Churrasco represents the newest method of rotisserie cooking
equipment from Hickory. Virtually all ethnic cooking involves portion
rotisserie products such as shish kebab, Brazilian, Southwestern,
Middle Eastern. The Churrasco uses flat ridged knife spits that
allow the products such as skinless chicken, or hunks of marinated
meats to be grilled directly on top of a chargrill. The knife spits are
used in the Brazilian tradition of direct serving not the customer
plate. The fats and drippings enhance the ambiance of the entire
process with flame-ups that catch consumer attention. The
Churrasco has two levels, the bottom for quick cooking and the top
positions either to warm or to cook larger diameter product. The
purest purpose behind Churrasco is to use no labor whatsoever
during the cooking process. The continual manual rotation of
product over a typical chargrill is eliminated by using the automated
Churrasco rotisserie method. In addition because of the health and
safety perceptions there is no carcinogenic fears with the
Churrasco method.
The Churrasco is an extremely versatile piece because it can
accept any type of briquette, lava rock, charcoal, or wood fuel to
accentuate the flavorful cooking process. The entire front of the
Churrasco, namely the spit plates, are easily removable without
tools and the unit then reverts to a normal chargrill.