Instant Rebates Await!

Instant Savings, Unmatched Performance

Instant Savings, Unmatched Performance

At the palm of your hands, or should we say back into your POCKETS!

Calling all culinary aficionados and restaurant owners in California, Illinois, Washington, and Idaho! Are you ready to transform your kitchen while enjoying instant savings? Look no further than Hickory Industries' premier gas batch rotisserie ovens.

For a limited time, select models including the N/5.7G, N/7.7G, N/6.5G, and N/7.5G qualify for instant rebates in these states. But here's the twist: it gets even better for those opting for double stack units, as you'll receive two rebates, one per cavity.

Savor the Flavor, Save Instantly

Whether you're whipping up succulent rotisserie chicken or tantalizing roasts, our gas batch rotisserie ovens promise unmatched performance coupled with incredible energy efficiency. And with instant rebates up for grabs, there's never been a better time to upgrade your kitchen arsenal.

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Efficiency That Pays Off

At Hickory Industries, we understand the importance of efficiency in the kitchen. That's why our gas batch rotisserie ovens are designed with state-of-the-art technology to maximize energy savings while delivering top-notch performance. By optimizing heat distribution and minimizing heat loss, these ovens ensure that every bit of energy is utilized effectively, translating to lower utility bills and significant long-term savings for your establishment.

A Win-Win Situation

So, even if you miss out on the instant rebate, investing in one of our gas batch rotisserie ovens is a win-win situation. Not only do you gain access to superior cooking capabilities and mouthwatering results, but you also enjoy substantial savings and demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Instant Rebates Await!
Cortney McLain March 29, 2024
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